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About the Church and Politics Podcast

It would be difficult to deny that the United States (and much of the western world for that matter) is as politically polarized as it has been since the Civil War. We are no longer discussing issues among people who hold to different perspectives but fighting as if we are waging war between the powers of good and evil. Civility is all but gone and many Christians are getting sucked into what can best be described as political tribalism. Even more concerning is that well known evangelical leaders are selling their witness for political power and influence. Rather than seeing themselves as Christians who happen to live in the United States, many believers see themselves as American Christians and the result has been horrifying.

This is the environment in which this Podcast was created. I hope and pray that in a small way I can help Christians living in the west reclaim the identity that Christ bought for them on the cross. I hope and pray that through this podcast I can help a few people understand that our involvement in politics and culture is important, but not in the way that the world does it. I hope and pray that this podcast shows believers that there is a way to influence our culture without destroying their witness. It is a tall order, but I hope and pray that in a small way, this podcast can help a few people combat the division in their household and in their churches. Evangelicals are called to be salt and light, but we have allowed ourselves to become a voting block that oftentimes represents the exact opposite.

Please pray for us!

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